Bank loans in the last quarter, constantly increases, interest rates

Small loan now what happen? In the past four quarters, constantly raising interest rates, credit tightened. Enough to put some mortgage loans under normal conditions. February quotas under the present Head Office had not, and now not only fail to increase the amount of loans, compressed loan, have all been up since Spring Festival Organization deposits. "Yesterday, a large joint-stock Bank of Nanjing, told the newspaper reporter who is currently stretched awkwardly.
, an official of the people's Bank is currently researching several banks, he told reporters yesterday, "the situation is not optimistic. "
" there is normally only a handful of large State-owned banks for a loan, but the lending rate floating range of amazing. Three-month funds rate still high, short-term supply and demand tensions will not ease, and one-year discounted rates have been above 8%, the capital market is still tight. "The official said.
the last quarter began, with the reserve ratio frequently raised, raised interest rates three times in a row, credit tightened. Credit is to tighten control, is directly constrain the banks ' lending impulses. Experts worry that monetary contraction force excessive.
no money to lend "last December I finished all the procedures in January this year money tight, the Bank said interest rate floating 30%, we wanted to after the Chinese new year money supply eased off a little, and the Bank said withdrawals after the Spring Festival. But when the ninth day to Bank, Bank rather exorbitant, said annual interest rates to 10%, more than the benchmark interest rate rise 60% we are silly, the Bank says you don't want to, a 10% Fund not too many people want, are waiting in line too! "Nanjing solar Kit business executives ruefully told reporters that he only bites.
a head office located in the heart of the joint-stock Bank head of the plans Division, told reporters yesterday the Bank loans than expected because last year a national target of money and credit, in January this year a backlog of demand for credit continues to explode, or up to 1.2 trillion yuan. Authorities told the newspaper that, as of January 24, China's commercial banks reached 1.2 trillion yuan new loans in January towards the loan increase over the same period last year. If the full year credit will control the target calculated at 7 trillion to 7.5 trillion yuan, so far January credit increments has 16%~17% per cent to the year. This forced the Central Bank to raise deposit reserve ratio and banks for loans too radical a higher differential deposit reserve rate, number of banks February an unprecedented flow of credit status.
he was market-tested, several provincial banks in Nanjing February credit line has been ordered, "to the month, estimated that this month will not have. "A credit Department Manager, told reporters.
deposits where the loans contracted at the same time, bank deposit growth is slowing.
"deposits, deposits, where are you? "Before the Spring Festival, a bank's celebration, some take this as its theme, performed a skit, winning the House, teasing while description deposits difficult.
Bank loan where can I get the money? Chinese new year a work, all layers start, gave the following people to the problem, as well as policies, get 100 million deposit, fees from the previous three hundred thousand or four hundred thousand FRY now to more than 500,000. Some banks to package credit assets through trust companies to make products in the counter sales, annual rate of return is lower than 8% no one wanted. Largest province the provincial finance companies--
, Jiangsu Guoxin group finance company Chairman Wang Jiabao told reporters, just five days after the Spring Festival, the banks to borrow funds with him no fewer than ten, more than the Bank's top leaders personally, interbank interest rates have hit a record peak, but still falls short of demand.
"this high stocking are to blame, accustomed to meat eating, now eat bread and water is not adapted. "The head of the Jiangsu banking regulatory Bureau official said.
brakes too hard?
the situation has attracted attention. Last year, the central economic work Conference, return of from the moderately loose monetary policy steady. Central banks have repeatedly said, a sound does not mean austerity. Following a series of intensive introduction of monetary policy instruments, aimed at preventing inflation, preventing overheating, preventing asset bubbles superposition has shown unequivocal signal of tightening policy, and have an impact on the real economy.
a monetary policy expert pointed out that the people's Bank, China's economy is now in a complex period of transition, monetary policy tools have to take into account the affordability of the market, learn to play the piano, to prevent overkill. Special can't go the first half of 2008 tight head, and tried to release the second half of the passive situation.
head of several commercial banks said yesterday, this complicated situation in credit markets need regulators and reflection of commercial bank credit supervision during the transitional period. Overcrowded austerity measures without proper guidance, may cause market panic, and makes the risk of a hard landing or even trigger systemic risks.
, Jiangsu Province economic and Trade Commission, who said the unprecedented tightening of money has a great effect on the real economy, especially the manufacturing sector, in recent years, fixed assets loans remains high, this rigid demand for loans and could not stop, one was uncompleted, bad Bank loans will appear. Thus the amount of banks, often to fixed asset projects, manufacturing and production-oriented enterprises, the amount of working capital loans to, no don't. The other hand, the wide across a large quantity of small and medium enterprises, the credit crunch, they are first compressed objects. SMEs do not have bargaining power, the cost of capital rising from last year's 30% and 60% today, is indeed unprecedented. Meanwhile, labor costs have risen sharply, it will form a larger negative effect on them.
in the period of economic transition, how to establish a prudent monetary policy framework, prevents misunderstandings and panic in the market, from loose fall all of a sudden liquidity liquidity black holes, this is the monetary authorities raised a major issue. Small loans without collateral are now, after our analysis we all already know.
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